CATEGORY アクロバティックサラサラ

エロ漫画 人生楽しそうな陽キャ女さん 天国から地獄への転落直行便


腹パン!首絞め!強●飲酒!●物注射!イラマチオ! 健全な肉体と精神をレ●プレ●プレ●プ!!


A vicious rape that blacks out the bright life of a bright and healthy woman who has lived on the side of the ’yang’!

Blessed with the environment, blessed with people, free from complexes, bright and sociable…
A real riajuu who has lived in such a sunny place is suddenly kidnapped by a villainous black brother!!
Belly punch! Choking! Forced drinking! Drug injection!
Unreasonable violence that I’ve never experienced before, pain, fear and pleasure, I’m fucked like a disposable masturbator
Mr. Ria Mitsujo exposed her face to the unsightly A and ended up strangling acme…

Main story 277 pages (with text ver and without text ver)